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              產品中心PRODUCT CENTER

              LS-GB Series

              您現在的位置:首頁 > 產品中心 > LS > LS-GB Series

              ■ 產品名稱: GB35A


              GB35A Series Connector is 0.6mm Height and 0.35m pitch usually
              suitable for board to FPCB connection in mobile sets.
              The stable contact reliability by dual contact structure and hold down
              I S
              upply the High current power contact using hold down structure.
              Improve the contact reliability against flux because of V-Notch design.
              Improve the Robustness during the mating by plug hold down, be strong
              against the damage by external force.
              ncrease soldering intensity because of hold down structure.


              Mobile phone
              Compact portable devices, etc

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